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Thank you for your interest in Crystal Mountains – Minerals of the Cairngorms. You can order a copy online from this page, and pay securely using PayPal. IMPORTANT – PLEASE USE THE DROP DOWN MENUS BELOW TO SELECT THE AREA IN THE WORLD TO WHICH YOU WANT IT DESPATCHED AND THE CORRECT POSTAGE.

There are THREE different prices – UK postage inclusive; Europe postage inclusive and Rest of World postage inclusive. Click on the small black triangle in the drop down menu box to reveal the three pricing options and select the correct price for your country. Any problems, or if you need more than one copy, please send a message via the contact page.

For any USA-based potential purchasers you may like to know that Gloria Staebler of Lithographie llc has a limited stock of the book available, which may work out less expensive than shipping single copies directly from me.


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Crystal Mountains – Minerals of the Cairngorms (Softback)

4 thoughts on “Book Orders

  1. Many thanks for a well researched and well illustrated book. Crystal Mountains will undoubtedly add much to the literature of topographical mineralogy in Britain.

  2. Stunning. Well done Roy. A book to treasure for life and read & read. I suspected as much hence the paperback for day to day use and the hardback as a collectible.

    • Good to hear from you – thanks very much for your enquiry. The book does indeed deal with the crystal found by James Grant and includes a nice image of it, together with the background to the story, and Queen Victoria’s interests in the “stones of the district” and her personal expeditions in to the mountains with Albert. What is your interest in James Grant? Is there a family history link? I look forward to hearing from you and hope you will decide to buy a copy of the book – it is a really interesting read. I’ll send you a low res image of the crystal by personal email.

      Best wishes


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